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Animals carry a symbolic meaning in our society. They are a universally popular way to attribute character traits to people and personalities and in the world of business, they can also provide a very clear image of what you want your company to stand for.

We chose to position our branding narrative on the following animals:


Lion: the King of the Beasts is one of the strongest and bravest predators. He communicates using all different kinds of sounds and has a truly impressive roar. The Lion is social, proud and noble. He may plunder, but only when in need.
Sitting at the head of the animal kingdom, he keeps an eye on things and oversees manoeuvres for his pride.


Eagle: this imposing, regal bird of prey is brave and cunning.
He has boundless patience. The Eagle has evolved well, both physically and mentally. He has a proud and calm nature.
The Eagle is sensitive and will always show his displeasure.
He stubbornly persists in carrying out a plan once it has been conceived. Even opposition will not deter him from his goal. The Eagle is studious, proud and dignified. With eagle eyes, he keeps a sharp watch on everything going on.


The Springbok lives in large groups that have a strong social structure. He is gentle, curious and calm. He is always watchful, sensible and kind. The Springbok lives peacefully with others.
His name is a reference to the jump he makes in order to warn the herd of impending danger. The Springbok rarely chooses confrontation. He won't abandon one of his own kind.

With long and slender legs, he is one of the most elegant and agile animals to be found on the plains of the savannah or in the desert.

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