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Kinesio tape has the same properties as human skin with regard to 140% elasticity and almost the same thickness as the skin. Kinesiology tape adapts easily to any natural movement due to its elasticity. This ensures that you do not experience any limitations when moving. This allows you to recover faster from injuries and pain. Kinesio tape or medical tape reduces pain during injuries, increases mobility in joint complaints and massages the connective tissue in combination with movements you make. Kinesio tape is an elastic cotton sports tape with an acrylic adhesive layer, is water resistant and lasts for several days.

The kinesiology tape tolerates moisture and water and the kinesiology tape is also very elastic. While using kinesiology tape you will not lose any freedom of movement and it will feel like a second skin. The moisture resistance of this tape is ideal during sports because you sweat. In addition, this sports tape can also be used for water sports such as swimming, rowing or water polo. Athletes use kinesio tape as a sports care to reduce their pain. Kinesiology tape will not stabilize the muscles and joints, that's what our s-sport tape is for. The tape is also used to improve the patient's posture or optimize blood flow. Do you want to achieve a positive result with our kinesio tape? Then it is important that it is applied correctly. The kinesio tape we offer is hypoallergenic. This is due to the 100% acrylic adhesive layer and because the tape is latex-free. If you are sensitive to this, this tape is a perfect solution. The tape is easy to apply and lasts for several to several days. Our kinesio tape has a breathability, so the tape still looks fresh after it has been worn for a long time and it still feels like new. Our high-quality kinesio tape is produced according to the original production techniques from Japan and uses the real TOYO glue.

By applying the elastic kinesio tape to the muscles or joints in a stretched position, the natural movement is not restricted. In addition, the connective tissue is activated and massaged with a natural relaxation of the body part. With natural relaxation you will see waves, also called convolutions, appear at the site of the kinesio tape. When these waves are visible, space is created between the epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue. This space has a positive influence on the nerves, blood and lymph vessels and activates the pain-reducing system. The pain often disappears or decreases during the treatment, so that the client can move better and use the original muscle function. The result is a better and faster recovery.

When using and applying kinesio tape you have to pay attention to a number of things. For optimal adhesion, the skin must be clean, dry and free of grease. Avoid creases when applying kinesio tape. This can cause blisters. Remove excessive hair with, for example, a trimmer before applying the tape. In addition, elastic sports tape adheres better to non-hairy skin. Do not apply too much stretch to the tape. In addition, there are special medical taping courses in which you learn everything about the proper application of kinesio tape.

Preventive taping can be done with kinesio tape or sports tape. If you choose kinesio tape, you go for comfort. The kinesiology tape can be worn for a longer period of time. This will not cause any problems with blood flow. This is the case with rigid sports tape. During exertion, the kinesiology tape sticks better and gives an extremely good stability. Kinesio tape, for example, of the ankle joint will increase the stability of the ankle. You can tape the ankle with any kind of kinesio tape. The functionality of the surrounding muscles at the ankle is held together by the elasticity of the kinesio tape. The treatment of an injury, for example an ankle injury, can be done with kinesiology tape. The kinesio tape works by activating the muscles and the ligaments instead of fixing them. This keeps the muscles flexible and recovery is faster. An ankle injury is the most common ankle injury. You soon have a sprain or a sprain. Worst case scenario, you have a torn ankle ligament. When you practice a sport where the ground is often uneven, you have an increased risk of an ankle injury. Kinesiology tape is then a solution. Many football players and tennis players have to deal with these injuries. Taping the ankle with Kinesio is therefore the way to prevent a weak ankle. Taping with kinesiology tape is therefore frequently done in the sports world. You can only have yourself taped by a physiotherapist or by a caregiver, but you can also learn it yourself. Once you've done it a few times, you'll be able to tape your ankle yourself.

Révvi's kinesiology tapes are produced in accordance with the new MDR (Medical Device Regulation) regularization and meet the CLASS.1F requirements. This standard certifies that the quality and effectiveness of our tapes meet the strictest requirements of the European Union. In addition, our products are coded with a CNK number, which means that our products can also be offered in the better pharmacy (BE).

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