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Massage articles are supplies that help you to give or receive a good massage! The words massage articles already say it themselves: materials to massage with. Massage articles are indispensable when giving a relaxation massage, sports massage or during a physiotherapy treatment. Massages have positive effects on our health. Think of benefits such as faster muscle recovery after exercise, lower blood pressure, better resistance or a better balance between body and mind. View our extensive range for the best massage products for professionals and consumers. We are specialized in producing various massage oils and massage lotions. Sports masseurs, physiotherapists, physiotherapists and sports carers buy their massage products directly from. Sports massages are almost as popular as regular relaxation massages. Many athletes regularly undergo a sports massage. With our sports massage articles, this massage comes into its own. What exactly is a sports massage? A sports massage is a massage mainly for people who exercise regularly and who benefit from a speedy muscle recovery. With a sports massage you ensure that waste products are removed faster. This promotes the recovery of your muscles and body. A sports massage is not necessarily pleasant. With a sports massage, the muscles are massaged firmly. Knots are massaged out of your muscles or, for example, the connective tissue is loosened. Nowadays there are also articles with which you can easily loosen your own muscles. Think, for example, of a good foam roller, a massage gun or massage rollers. With a sports massage, the sports masseur or physiotherapist actually uses almost the same massage products than any normal treatment, such as massage oil. For sports massages, odorless and a somewhat thicker oil or lotion are usually used. The basis of the necessary massage products remain the same. For any massage treatment. It is not recommended to take a sports massage after exercise if you suffer from muscle pain. Better to wait a few days with this. That way, the muscles can repair themselves first. You can also choose to use some massage supplies at home. Think, for example, of a foam roller or massage gun, to loosen up the muscles. If you eventually opt for a sports massage, it is not wise to take this if you have an inflammation, if you have open wounds or are bothered by a bruise, for example.

Do you want to prepare yourself as best as possible for your performance? Have you had a tough training or competition? Or do you suffer from stiff, stiff or tired muscles and tendons? Consider a sports massage. A (sports) massage stimulates the blood circulation in your muscles during your preparation and recovery. Sports masseurs, physiotherapists and sports carers use sports massage as a method to bring (top) athletes physically and keep them in top condition. Sports massage is ideal for the activation, warm-up, relaxation and recovery of your muscles. Sports massage can also help to treat complaints or injuries and to reduce fatigue symptoms such as muscle pain, cramps and acidity. For a pleasant and efficient sports massage, massage support products such as oils or lotions are often used. Massage oil and lotions provide optimal gliding capacity on the skin and therefore a comfortable feeling. Complete your experience with massage oils or lotions available at Massage oils or lotions are available neutral, warming, with fragrance or especially for sensitive or hairy skin.

As a manufacturer, we offer a unique and complete range of the best massage articles and massage products and deliver very quickly from stock. In our extensive range you will find solid massage supplies with professional quality for an extremely competitive price, suitable for professionals and consumers. What types of massage oil can I choose from? You can choose from many different types of massage oil. This is due to the ingredients that may be in massage oil. One massage oil has a different effect than another massage oil. Depending on the type of massage you want to give, it is important to choose a matching massage oil and its scent in order to enhance the effect of the massage. When giving a sports massage or physiotherapy treatment with the emphasis on massaging and treating muscles and the body, a neutral massage oil is usually chosen that is suitable for every skin type. We have no fewer than 5 different oils, such as the alpine oil, specifically for sports massages. In addition, we have a HOT RUB protective and warming oil that has water-repellent properties and provides maximum protection in cold and rain. Our almond oil consists of 100% cold-pressed almonds and ensures optimal hydration and nourishment of the skin cells. Our odorless hypoallergenic base oil consists only of mineral oil and can be used for all types of massages or can serve as a base oil to mix with essential oils.

All Révvi massage oils and lotions meet the strictest quality standards. All our oils and lotions are produced and packaged to the highest standards in the Netherlands and Belgium and meet all European CPNP requirements. In addition, our products are coded with a CNK number, which means that our products can also be offered in the better pharmacy (BE).

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