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The best muscle gel is a massage balm with a very effective effect for the prevention and recovery of injuries, it also works very powerfully for muscle recovery after intensive effort. A muscle gel often has a warming, restorative, relaxing or cooling effect that is released during application and when the muscle balm is massaged in well, which should be applied 3 to 5 fingers thick. This speeds up recovery from injuries and bruises, but also helps with stiff or stiff muscles. The structure and composition of the muscle balm makes application and rubbing very easy. You feel the depth effect of a good heat balm immediately and for a long period of time. With a good balm for muscles and joints you prevent muscle pain and you recover faster. Due to its clear descriptions and high quality, our muscle gels and balms are suitable for use by sultry professionals as well as consumers.

The best muscle balm is formulated in such a way that it is quickly absorbed into the injured, tired or painful area and thus stimulates blood flow. An improved blood circulation and accelerated breakdown of waste give a feeling of relief and a reduction of pain symptoms soon after applying the massage balm, massage gel or heat balm to the applied area. By regularly using a good balm for muscles and joints, you prevent stiff muscles and muscle pain. In short: use muscle balm for faster recovery from injuries and reduction of complaints such as muscle pain.

Muscle balm or heat balm is only suitable for external use. In our range you will find the best muscle gels and massage balms for professionals and consumers. Every physiotherapist, sports masseur, physiotherapist, personal trainer is helped with an excellent service. Professional athletes, young athletes and amateurs can also come to us for the best muscle balms and muscle care gels. Muscle Balm is perfect for use in case of sports injuries and for a faster recovery after sports and strenuous exercise. In addition, muscle balm and massage balm are widely used for various complaints such as: arthritis, chronic pain, lower back pain, hip complaints, neck pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, bursitis, tendonitis and overworked muscles and sprains. Muscle balm is also widely used by professionals such as masseurs and physiotherapists for sports massages and physiotherapy treatments. In addition, some muscle balms can also be used as a basis for medical taping constructions with kinesiology tape.

As an athlete you can deal with various injuries. Improper movements, a collision, fall or contact with your opponent can cause an acute or sudden sports injury. Cold therapy is a proven effective method to relieve pain and prevent aggravation of your injury. It reduces swelling and promotes your body's natural healing process. Use cold therapy to relieve pain from sprains, strains, swelling, inflammation, bumps, and falls, among other things. The Révvi products help you to relieve the pain and promote recovery by, for example, using our ice cold cold gels. This allows you to continue your sports activity or return faster after sports injuries. Long-term or chronic injuries are often caused by overload and cause pain that can hinder a pleasant sports experience. Heat therapy can reduce these pain complaints and provides less stiffness and improved flexibility of muscles and tendons. Heat therapy relieves muscle pain, stiffness, pain from tendon injuries, arthritis, neck pain, back pain or joint pain. At Révvi you will find ideal heat applications including heat balms & oil. Prevent and treat injuries and take optimal care of your body for maximum sports performance.

All Révvi muscle gels and balms meet the strictest quality standards. All our muscle gels are produced and packaged to the highest standards in the Alpine region of Germany and meet all European CPNP requirements. In addition, our products are coded with a CNK number, which means that our products can also be offered in the better pharmacy (BE).

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