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Sports tape usually refers to white, non-stretch rigid sports tape. This sports tape is worn preventively and curatively during sports to provide support and protection for recovering muscles and joints. In practice, this means that the range of motion of muscles and joints is limited so that they can recover. The sports tape should be removed immediately after sports or other effort. In addition, sports tape is also worn to prevent injuries. Nowadays, a lot of use is made of elastic sports tape, also called kinesio tape. Due to the stretchability of elastic sports tape, the tape easily adapts to every natural movement. This ensures that you do not experience any limitations when moving. This allows you to recover faster from injuries and pain.

When using and applying sports tape, you have to pay attention to a number of things. For optimal adhesion, the skin must be clean, dry and free of grease. Avoid creases when applying sports tape. This can cause blisters. Remove excessive hair with, for example, a trimmer before applying the tape. Sports tape adheres better to non-hairy skin. You can also use an underwrap for under the sports tape. Do you use elastic sports tape or kinesio tape? Do not apply too much stretch to the tape. In addition, there are special taping courses in which you learn everything about the correct application of sports tape. As a consumer, you can also find good instructional videos online for properly applying (elastic) sports tape yourself.

Révvi's S-Sports tape has a high and strong adhesive strength and is one of the best-known types of tape. The sports tape is very suitable for applying directly to the skin. For example, you can use Révvi's S-Sport tape. The thickness of the adhesive layer is made in such a way that it adheres very well to the skin or to bandages. The stiffness and rigidity of the material of the sports tapes provides a stabilizing effect, both mechanically and proprioceptively (the ability to perceive the position of one's own body and body parts). Even under heavy load, our sports tapes remain in place. In addition, the edges of the sports tape are serrated, making it easy to tear. With one quick tug you can easily tear it in the width and length direction. This way you can quickly apply the sports tape and you don't need scissors.

The term "taping" is often referred to, which usually refers to taping with conventional white non-elastic sports tape. With this you can, for example, secure tape for knees or ankles during a competition. This non-elastic sports tape must also be removed immediately after the competition to prevent circulation problems. The purpose of this taping with non-elastic sports tape is to impose a “restriction” on the joints. The principle of sports tape is to activate instead of fix. Our sports tape can be used preventively, but also for the treatment of existing complaints and injuries. Colored sports tapes are increasingly being used in competitions. This is done to prevent sprains in, for example, the ankle. In addition, it is very comfortable so that at a certain point you will not notice more than you are taped. The effect of the elastic sports tape continues for no less than 24 hours. The elastic sports tape can easily be worn for a few days and showering is no problem.

Do you want to buy sports tape? Then our sports tapes are the right choice. Our sports tape is made of 100% cotton. In addition, it is provided with a skin-friendly type of glue that still adheres even under moist conditions. Our sports tapes are easy to use. You can easily tear it off, apply it and remove it. The sport tape does not fray and allows air to pass through. Our sports tapes stay in place, so you don't have to tape again and again. Not only do we offer our sports tape cheap, but it also lasts a long time. Traditionally, special bandages have been used in the medical world for the treatment of injuries. In this way they wanted to establish a fixation. Later on, various techniques were further developed for targeted relief, support and control of ligaments, joints and muscles. That is why functional tape dressings are used with a view to treatment as well as prevention.

The main advantage of our sports tape is that it provides extra security for weak joints. With us you can choose kinesio tape and elastic sports tape that guarantee freedom of movement. Or for our stiff non-elastic sports tape that keeps the joints in the right place. You can always order the S-sport tape that you need in a specific situation from us. Our different sports tape rarely causes skin irritation. In addition, these different types of sports tape have excellent reviews from professionals such as sports caregivers and physiotherapists. Our sports tape reliably protects and supports all joints. For example, the sports tape serves for confidence during sports and to a large extent for protection of all joints.

Révvi's kinesiology tapes are produced in accordance with the new MDR (Medical Device Regulation) regularization and meet the CLASS.1F requirements. This standard certifies that the quality and effectiveness of our tapes meet the strictest requirements of the European Union. In addition, our products are coded with a CNK number, which means that our products can also be offered in the better pharmacy (BE).

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